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Possible Complications

Possible Complications


Breast augmentation is relatively straightforward but as with any operation there are risks associated with surgery and complications specific to this procedure.

General complications of Breast Augmentation may include infection, haematoma, seroma, wound healing problems, DVT/PE and anaesthetic complications.

As with all implants, infection is particularly troublesome with Breast Augmentation. Minor infections can be treated
with simple antibiotics; however, significant infection surrounding a Breast Implant requires that the Implant be removed. This can result in a Breast that appears worse than pre-operatively. Re-augmentation can be attempted after a period of three to six months.

The desired size is usually ascertained in consultation withThe more common complaints about Breast Implants often relate to size and shape. Generally augmenting the breast will give a larger breast in a similar shape to that pre-operatively.

the patient pre-operatively. A sizer can be used intra operatively to cater for minor variations. Time spent discussing with the patient the size can eliminate dissatisfaction with inadequate size choice.

Other complications include asymmetry; Implant migration; especially in active individuals or weight lifters. Occasionally Implants can extrude through the skin and become exposed.

The common complication affecting Implants is that of capsular contracture. The incidence varies in various studies from as little as 3% and 7%. Capsular contracture requires re-operation to replace Breast Implants and either remove or enlarge the capsule. Contracture presents as a hardening of the breast usually associated with a change of breast shape, becoming more spherical.

Other complications include leakage or breaking of Breast Implants, granulomas, calcification of the capsule (usually seen after more than ten years), gradual concavity of the breast wall is also noted. Skin wrinkling and rippling can also be seen as discussed.

Obviously the breast changes shape with age and pregnancy. Some manufacturers will give a lifetime replacement guarantee on Breast Implants; however, patients can generally expect to have at least another operation at some stage to change their Breast Implants.

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