CoolSculpting Treatment Information

Coolsculpting Treatment Information


You will be required to have a complimentary consultation with Michelle Sellars our cosmetic nurse, to assess your areas of concern and to make a treatment plan for you.

This consultation generally takes 45 minutes.

You can then schedule your day for treatment. Our office performs CoolSculpting on Wednesdays and Fridays as a general rule, however we are able to treat on other days if necessary.


You will arrive at office and placed into disposable paper shorts. You will be weighed and photographs will be taken as a record for pre-treatment. Your treatment will take up to 5 hours depending on how many areas are to treated in the one sitting.

It is suggested that you bring reading material, I-Pad or lap-top and lunch with you. Tea, coffee and snacks are provided.

Many people also choose to have a little sleep while undergoing their treatment.

Lower abdominal treatment

Lower abdominal treatment


Michelle will call you at the end of first week to check how you are feeling and discuss any concerns with you.

To assess how successful your treatment is, we would generally ask you to return to the office at approximately 12 weeks after your treatment, where more photographs are taken and compared to the pre-treatment ones. At that time, a plan to treat new areas or possible retreat an area would be made.

Please contact our office on 02 9473 8577 to book your complimentary consultation. You can also find out more about treatments here.

To view our own clinic before and after photos click on the below photo link.
San Clinic CoolSculpting photos